Mobile Apps Testing – A specialization area of its own

What’s rocket science in mobile apps testing? If you are a decent web application tester you can easily take up mobile apps testing – this is a common notion more so amongst the rest of the product team than amongst the testers themselves. However, this is far from any truth. Mobile apps testing is an area of specialization, of its own – it is an area where within that larger scope there are smaller pieces to build a niche in including security testing, performance testing, platform testing, mobile automation etc. To give you a recent example, a leading mobile app messenger is a client of ours with whom we have already been working. We had sent a test professional who is quite decent in her technical skills in the mobile platform and web applications space, for interviewing with this client for an open position they had.


Mobile Apps Testing

While we already knew she was not an exact fit for the open position technically, we wanted to take a chance given the various variables that came together well in her case and to see if she was able to crack it. However she was not and they came back with feedback that her learning curve in the mobile app test space would be very steep. More often than not, it is not really about test scenarios, or planning or strategy that is different in the web and mobile world. It is not even the test data and as we know mobile apps also have a category where the app is accessed on the web.

It often has to do with the use of tools and the familiarly with the operating system and how the varied elements interact with each other. For example, what are the various Android tools, iOS tools, debugging solutions, log captures, etc. These together make that specialization a case for the incoming tester. While these may not take a lot of time to ramp up on, given that the tester already has a working knowledge of these in another platform, it always helps to take some time to understand similar functionalities in another platform, to keep yourself up-to-date and also quickly gear up for new opportunities such as the one mentioned above, when they come your way. These will make you a tester who can really take up on demand mobile app testing services in the capabilities you can offer your client.

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