Make your Performance test effort easier and more visible

We have been providing performance testing services for over a decade now. We have had several long standing clients in this space and one area we continue to strive is what we can do, to deliver better services in terms of ease with which testers can operate and also better visibility for test results that enable senior management make timely and educated quality calls.

One such area that stemmed from our own pain points is how cumbersome it is to deal with load testing logs. As part of load testing, how the current set of tools require testers to be very technical and how the results are not always fully transparent and accessible to the required stakeholders. And all of these often arise due to the complex logs that testers have to deal with – these include server logs, DB logs, load generator master and slave logs amongst others. Our strategy herein was to create a central dashboard to take up all performance test activities from a central intuitive console, reducing the load on the performance tester and develop the dashboard using the open source stack to enable customization and broader use down the line. We also wanted to bring in live monitoring, better transparency to our clients, promote Jenkins integration and enable easier test base-lining and comparisons.

We are still working our ways through this tool to bring in integration and access across non Jmeter tools, and initiation as a cloud service – however in the meantime we have already implemented the core architecture promoting central dashboard access. We would be happy to demo this including how we use it on live project to ease complex load testing assignments with precision and robustness which are much needed today. For questions and enquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

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