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Many of you know that we recently started our new center of operations in Bangalore, the IT hub on India. While our presence is largely centered in Noida, as far as India goes, given our client presence and access to talent in Bangalore, this center will be a satellite center for quick access and connect with clients. To that extent, this center that is based out of the co-working space (RMZ EcoWorld, CoWrks), has done quite well this year. The co-working space has also empowered us with better access to clients, resources, and amazing networking opportunities. A number of wonderful technical and non-technical events are organized here on a regular basis and this webinar is one such event that we are doing for CoWrks – this is a webinar where we want to introduce the audience to the world of accessibility – a world of what it takes to build products accessible by one and all. Here’s a gist of what we plan to cover, on 13th November – of any of you are interested in knowing more on this topic or would like to customize it for your company, please write to rajini.padmanaban@qainfotech.com 

Accessibility Testing Services

Do you know 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability or the other. As studies show that by 2020, everyone under the age 25 will be digital users, how assured are we that our solutions are ready for consumption by one and all?

Inclusiveness is a huge element to consider in today’s product design and development – herein, understanding what is accessibility, what levels it can be implemented in, how to test for accessibility and how accessibility can be made everyone’s cup of tea are all important to consider and we will be covering these in detail, in anticipation of seeing more companies take the path towards inclusive engineering.

Join Rajini Padmanaban, our very own CoWrks member from QA InfoTech on this webinar with her team, Ajay Sohal and Rohan Sharma from the accessibility team, showcasing how they work in a paired fashion combining accessibility subject matter expertise with real user experiences such as the visually challenged.

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Subject Matter Expert Team

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