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Digitization is nothing new in today’s world. Digital solutions reign in every domain, geography and are increasingly knowing no bounds. But this “increasingly knowing no bounds” is the scary part. With the advent of cloud computing, there is unimaginable volumes of data out on the cloud. And even the slightest of the security breaches in such data exposes a huger risk to several entities at stake. One may think that this is more of an issue with smaller players in the cloud space and one is rather secure using solutions from the more established and big players. While players big and small, equally acknowledge and recognize the need for security, the big players are increasingly emphasizing the need tighter security as hacks are on the rise. This becomes especially important for domains such as finance, health care, where the tolerance for any issue, especially a security issue is zero.

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Given such cases, cloud players can have no stone left unturned in the drive to secure solutions. And here is an interesting article on this topic –

The concern here is not just about security on the cloud. We continue to see news items about global hacks very often – some that stem from very basic security flaws. Security has become a major area to focus on, in the software development life cycle, across all types of solutions that are developed, regardless of usage numbers. While most test efforts focus on just web application security testing, that too at an OWASP level (this is a good start but not an end), there’s a lot more to delve into beyond that. Web services penetration testing, network penetration testing are important areas that cannot be omitted. We have a very focused security team that has been helping with penetration testing of several solutions. If interested for more details, please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss more.

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