Is cloud computing the most significant change thus far

The digital world has been going through unprecedented changes in the last decade. Whether it be cloud, social, mobile computing or newer concepts around Internet of Things, Wearable Devices, technology touching unreached domains and geographies, all of the growth has certainly been mind boggling. While it is difficult to quantify the contribution from each of these areas to the paradigm shift in the digital world, it is certainly visible to evaluate which one has a more profound impact than the others. If I were to take up such an analysis, my hands down vote is for cloud computing. It is a computing phenomenon which came in even before mobile and social computing could take shape and mature. Amazon cloud offerings, a very mature set as we know today, was one of the pioneers with the humble beginnings of EC2, over a decade back, which was soon followed by solutions from other leading players such as Microsoft, VM Ware etc. Cloud computing brought in such a paradigm shift not just in how we engineer solutions, but also in our processes, deployments, our overall mind-set. The services oriented thought process was really an off-shoot from the cloud computing world. Whether it be software, platform, infrastructure, backend, process – we really started understanding what the services world really meant, with the onset of cloud computing.
While the changes the cloud has brought in has impacted (mostly positively) every team member in a product team, the tester is one that has had significant touch points. Whether it be a service oriented software that he tests or a performance test environment that he hosts on a cloud, or a platform on the cloud he works on, or the test data that he shares with another tester or a defect reproduction that he shares and collaborates with a developer on, the tester is spending considerable amount of time interacting with the cloud and taking on cloud testing, rather cloud powered or enabled testing on a daily basis.
If one were to take a closer look, the growth of the mobile or social world to what we see today, may not have been possible in the absence of the cloud. This holds true for any of the radical changes we have had in the recent years, including data analytics, the overall app development scenario etc. Cloud has significantly influenced the engineering, release and market share gain of all these disciplines in varied ways.
Cloud computing is here to say, and it wouldn’t be untrue if this is called one of the significant disruptive technologies not just this decade, but even the next few. That said, it continues to take in varied manifestations on an ongoing basis. And it will be exciting to see how all of these play into the digital transformation we are going through.

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Rajini Padmanaban

Rajini Padmanaban

As Vice President, Testing Services and Engagements, Rajini Padmanaban leads the engagement management for some of QA InfoTech's largest and most strategic accounts. She has over seventeen years of professional experience, primarily in software quality assurance. Rajini advocates software quality through evangelistic activities including blogging on test trends, technologies and best practices. She is also a regular speaker in conferences run by SQE, QAI STC ,ATA, UNICOM, EuroStar and has orchestrated several webinars. Her writings are featured in TechWell, Sticky Minds, Better Software Magazine. She has co-authored a book on crowdsourced testing . She can be reached at

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