Importance of Accessibility in Augmented Reality Applications Testing

Augmented, Virtual and a combination seen as mixed reality have all been gaining a lot of momentum in recent times. There is a lot of potential in leveraging these technologies for a range of uses across a range of domains over the years to come. At this time, industry is still trying to grapple with how to test for applications built on these technologies from a functional standpoint. Some of the core parameters in augmented reality app testing (also applicable for virtual and mixed reality) includes – rendering and UI, core functionality, positional tracking, movements, cameras/sound/content, simulator sickness, degree of stereoscopic depth, controlling avatars, 360 degree views. While core functionality, performance, security are taken into account, one other important area to engineer upfront is the accessibility of these applications. Accessibility while largely focused on the challenged, in areas such as mixed reality, is largely application for all audience, from a usability standpoint.

Specific features and characteristics of mixed reality that make engineering including testing, more challenging, include: heavy visual content, AR/VR platforms lack of sync with assistive tools, lack of accessibility guidelines for objects, no meta data standard for virtual worlds, virtual experience’s that rely on audio cues, lack of support for sign language, overall UI that may cause simulator sickness, difficulty in using head trackers etc.

Now, while these challenges exist it is not that these cannot be mitigated. With adequate planning upfront, these can be both mitigated from an engineering and quality standpoint thereby further enhancing the end user experience in the augmented reality world. As an organization that specializes in testing for applications including augmented reality applications, we have been helping organizations mitigate these challenges and will be happy to talk to you further on this topic. Do reach out for more information.

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