A Tutorial on Implementing Crowd Sourced Testing

Our Sr.Director, Rajini Padmanaban, is presenting a tutorial on crowd sourced testing at the upcoming EuroStar conference in Maastricht, on November 3rd. This tutorial will cover the nuances of implementing crowd sourced testing along with varied case studies in depth. We invite you to join us in person to attend this session – there is also a speaker promoted discount that you can avail with the following code RP2015. More details about the tutorial including the registration link are as seen below:

Global outreach, quick time to market and a feature rich design are some of the major drivers in today’s market in determining a product’s success. Product companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and quality assurance techniques to take charge of these driving forces. One such paradigm software testing technique gaining popularity is “Crowd Sourced Testing”. The scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround it has to offer are all being spoken about at length, in several forums. Is it such a perfect solution for all product companies to leverage? Not really.

In this half a day tutorial , Rajini will delve into the depths of this topic, on “Implementing a Crowd Sourced Test Effort”. The flow of this presentation is as outlined below:

  1. A peek at software quality
  2. What is crowd sourced testing
  3. Understanding the varied forms of Crowd Sourced Testing
  4. Exercises
  5. Why crowd testing is important today?
  6. What are the limitations of crowd testing?
  7. Practices for a successful crowd test effort
  8. Know what not to crowd test
  9. Stakeholder buy in for crowd testing
  10. Case studies
  11. Myths and Facts
  12. Conclusion

Follow here – http://conference.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/event/2015/implementing-crowd-sourced-testing-effort/

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