IME Expanding Test Scope as AR Grows in Usage

Augmented Reality is a growing space in the technology world today. Augmented reality apps, devices specific to augmented reality are all fast entering the market where reality is taken to be augmented to offer a richer and diverse experience. We had done a webinar last year for Euro Star and Test Huddle on Augmented Reality Application Testing and how testers can leverage this technology to make themselves more productive and efficient. One specific area that has further enhanced tester’s scope with the advent of Augmented Reality is IME – Input Method Editor. IME refers to the ways in which the tester enters inputs for the system to receive it and for the application to process it. Traditionally, we have known of the keyboard and mouse and with the advent of mobile computing, touch screen devices have come into the scene. But as newer areas such as Augmented Reality have taken shape, the IME scope has expanded to cover, voice, handwriting, switfkeys, gestures etc. for inputs. The tester is having to cover all of these not just in core functional areas but also in localization test scenarios, keeping in mind complex language scripts, dialects, accents and ensuring that the system recognizes these correctly for information processing. IME in Augmented Reality is an area where we have just touched the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more potential when you combine this with other technologies such as IoT, wearable devices, mobile and social computing offering a tester unlimited set of test scenarios that he has to optimize on. For now, at least the tester has to be aware that IME is an important bucket to consider for Augmented Reality Testing and depending on the app and the market that is being targeted, pick the core IME methods to incorporate in the testing effort.

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