How will AI shape the future of Education?

How will AI shape the future of Education

AI will be the main driver of growth in economics and efficiency, and AI is changing the environment just as steam engines and energy have done in the past. There is no question that AI will bring a new phase to the learning and education domain and we believe that the roles of teachers will be replaced by machines in the near future.

Every student learns at their own pace and an effective teacher must deliver content in a way that it will be understood by all. Some students have problems understanding a complex process, and others may have difficulties in their community where their family members have not been able to concentrate much on their studies. Effective teachers should understand the hurdles of their students while satisfying the ever-changing curriculum requirements.

It is really hard for a teacher to work in his/her classroom to fulfill each student’s criteria (high performer, average performer, and low performer). AI-based Intelligent tutoring systems will be designed to adapt easily to every student’s learning needs and should address their strengths and weaknesses as well as provide students with a more meaningful learning experience. This system will also help those students who struggle with basic concepts. One example of such a system in education domain is “Carnegie Learning” which uses data to provide input and work directly with students.

Teachers may not always recall the gaps in their academic course, because of which certain definitions may leave the students in confusion. AI will be able to help solve this problem. This is already being put into practice by “Coursera”, a free online contributor and an open e-learning app development company. When an outsized number of scholars are found sending the wrong response to a homework assignment, the program alerts the professor and sends a tailored note to students that provide hints for the correct answer. With the introduction of E-learning App Development Services, the way in which education is delivered is changing which will help students learn compactly using an app.

Trial and error can be a vital part of learning, because sometimes the idea of failure is overwhelming, or perhaps not knowing the answer, others just don’t like being put on the spot ahead of their peers or some form of teacher-like authority figures. Artificial intelligence helps students experiment and learn in a comparatively judgment-free environment, especially when AI tutors offer improvement solutions that help students perform better.

This is the reason that advanced eLearning app development services are leveraging AI and ML to make the online experience more immersive and intuitive. A capable eLearning app development company will always leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure students are able to learn through advanced methods.

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Educators are a vital part of the education that leads the system. We wouldn’t be going anywhere without our teachers so they should not believe that the advancement of technology in the field of education will weaken their positions, but we can not overlook the possibilities and opportunities that AI can bring with dramatic improvements in the education system. If the students have a teacher using AI, they may potentially do wonders that conventional educational approaches may not be unable.

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