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With the much awaited “crossover” of the Marvel superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War this April, one ponders over the fandom of these superheroes which has turned into some kind of a sci-fi worship in itself. Everyone dreams of having a J.A.R.V.I.S. for themselves, but a few understand the nuances attached to it. Being “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System”, it is but an AI program which is based on the same intricacies as any other AI-based system. Realizing how it is no more a dream with its coalescence with automation in the domain of software testing, it has not just brought in a higher level of efficiency in the processes, but has paved hope for the ‘fanatics’ to do wonders with technology, which in fact can swing both ways.

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With AI’s seamless presence in the process of test automation today, results achieved are more effective and incident-driven. Predictive Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have definitely proved to bring in a paradigm shift in the mundane and conventional automation testing processes and frameworks. Be that as it may, but one cannot overlook the fact that it can too cause harm if not perceived and utilized in the right way. The recent bedlam caused due to Google’s involvement for AI-support to the U.S. military, goes on to show how dire the consequences may be of using Artificial Intelligence in the future for the purpose of war, if need be. Even Elon Musk’s remark echoed a similar thought of destruction via the capabilities of AI.

What becomes the need of the hour is to understand the true purpose of AI and how it needs to be meticulously incorporated in the process of test automation to analyze scenarios effectively with minimal chances to err. With NLP seeped into the process, the test stratagem can be communicated in the business language to make it more understandable and efficient. Although, machine learning has made the domain of automation much more seamless, for it to be used for the right cause still poses a dilemma for the future of technology.

Since everyone wants a J.A.R.V.I.S., they should be conscious that they don’t give rise to an Ultron, i.e., they don’t create anything harmful which may refute the purpose of this technological advancement in itself.

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