How is Shift-left the Right Approach

In the past, development and testing have always been kept apart, but what needs to be understood is that both of these are just two sides of the same coin. They need to exist simultaneously and complement each other. This way, with a shift-left approach, the right path can be paved for making testing expedient.

Shift Left Testing

When the DevTeam and testers work simultaneously, the reduction in the number of issues is quite evident. This is because testing starts as early as development and sometimes, even before that. When an application needs to undergo certain alterations, it becomes difficult to keep on modifying the code and the testers too, face a hard time performing rigorous testing. This helps save not only the cost but also a huge amount of time and effort, thus making testing efficient from the get go. Something else which has merged with this concept of shift-left is of DevSecOps. With security being considered as an end process after an application’s deployment into production, the shift that has been witnessed is that to the left. Through an amalgamation of DevOps and SecOps, the number of vulnerabilities are minimized from the stage of development to the monitoring stage, rather than just performing penetration testing in the end to eliminate bugs.

With the Agile/DevOps concept in practice, testing has transcended its dimensions and spread throughout the SDLC. The test coverage thereof, has also been optimized. With newer expectations and continuous redefinition of requirements, the right approach is via shifting left.

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