How Improved Checkout Page UI Can Enhance Your Sales Numbers

How a Better UI can Increase Sales

In eCommerce, high traffic is not synonymous with high sales. However, high checkout page traffic can translate into high conversion rates. And if it is not happening then something is terribly wrong with the user interface (UI) of your payment page. An inconvenient payment page can frustrate your customers leading to stalled or terminated transactions.

Here are a few efficient design tricks that, when implemented during web development, can encourage your customers to complete the payment transactions easily.

Ask Only Compulsory Information

Avoid asking for information that is not required in placing an order successfully. For instance, to make the checkout flow faster, eliminate the billing address form as in the majority of the cases, users and buyers of a product are the same.

And if you are offering a digital product or service that you don’t need to deliver physically then you can also omit the address form. These are just a few examples to enable you think further based on your product of sale.

Allow Guest Checkout

The majority of customers abandon their shopping cart when they are asked to fill up their personal information to create an account on the app. Hence, never make the sign-up/ sign-in compulsory. The best practice is to give the customer the option to choose. You can encourage the customer to sign up/ sign in by pointing out the benefits.

However, if a customer is in a hurry, she should get the freedom to check out without going through the tedious process of sign-up/ sign-in. 

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Intuitive UI

Incorporate little elements like clear format indicators, spacing in number groups in the card number field, and input validation to make the whole checkout customer-friendly.

Allow customers to save the payment method for future transactions. Reflect each progress step with a checkmark after it’s completion. A visual cue will allow the buyer to know they’re one step closer to the transaction. You can also signal the checkout progress with highlighted text, icons, darkened backgrounds, and filled-in bubbles.

Allow Customers to Check their Order

Before making the final payment, customers might want to check out the list of things they have added or calculate the total payable. A user-friendly order summary section will allow the customer to check out the list of items and the breakdown of the price summary including delivery cost, subtotal, taxes, and discount applied.

Minimal Distractions

The payment page should have a seamless design matching the design and branding of your eCommerce store. From colors to fonts, it is essential to maintain familiarity. However, avoid using design or branding elements that might distract the customer leading to cart abandonment.

Some elements that could create distractions are the navigation menu of the store, promotional banner, and a search field. Go for a template with a simple and plain background having only input fields and the order summary.

Relevant Product Suggestions

Reflecting products relevant to the items in the shopping cart can help you increase your average order value. You can also offer complimentary samples on an order for a customer delight experience. However, avoid adding too many options to make the customer confused and ruin the customer checkout experience.

Guided Experience

An efficient checkout page is designed to make the payment process effortless. You can guide the customer at every step through small design elements and signs. It would enable the customer to checkout without having to figure out the right button to click or search a contact form to fill.

Offer Help

A customer might need your help regarding the payment process or product details before making the payment. In such scenarios, routing them to a help or FAQ page will hamper the customer experience. Place a helpline number that should be prominently visible or include a chat support widget to enable customers to easily reach out to you.

Reliable and responsive customer support will improve the customer experience.

In Summary

Delivering an immersive and effortless customer-experience has become an important part of any organization’s business strategy. Poor customer experience could lead to depletion in brand value, loss of customers, and declining bottom line. Web development services need to follow the above-mentioned UI tips for an enhanced and intuitive customer experience.

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