Enabling Robust Digital Transformation in Health Care


Healthcare IT has grown tremendously in the last decade. Unlike archaic days, enabling technology in healthcare has increased health care accuracy and procedural correctness with minimal medical errors from amplified data-crunching to wearable computing. It has also promoted better health care access and availability globally. With several governmental mandates, user privacy issues to take care of, healthcare software development requires a lot of experience, technical skills and constant up-skilling to ensure solutions are top notch in their overall experience and workflows and optimized from a software delivery standpoint. QA InfoTech has herein been providing the whole gamut of services to health care providers including health care publishers. Our development and testing services touch upon the following segments, which we can further customize to your needs in providing robust and secure online health care solutions.

Digital Health Services

  • e-prescription
  • Claims Management, Clinical and Electronic Health Record Implementation, Administrative Third Party Integration for Electronic Prior Authorization
  • Custom Development and Maintenance
  • e-Health, Self-Service Applications and Portal Development

Healthcare Analytics

We enable you derive better outcomes by providing expertise on the data that should be collected across a wide range of attributes affecting pharmacy and PBM businesses, helping you make well-informed decisions in:

  • Analytics strategy including data drive decisions and optimizations
  • Process innovations

Operational Front Improvement

Investment in the digital future and providing solutions to healthcare organizations drive cost effectiveness and revenue enhancement through improved efficiency and process transformation. It offers:

  • Best-in-class series (Claims, Enrollment, Medical Management)
  • Requirements definition
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • Operational readiness

Being able to provide end to end delivery solutions on the above, encompassing development and quality requires expertise not just in the practice but this specific domain, which is what QA InfoTech brings to you with our acumen of having served several global clients in the health care world.