Healthcare – A Great Playing Ground For Technology

Any new advancement in any discipline needs the right set of opportunities where it can be implemented. So is the case with technology advancements that need the right scenarios and use cases where they can be applied in, across domains.

Health care is one such domain that offers a great playing ground to embrace advancements in technology. Given the mass use across user base, investments by stakeholders including regulatory bodies, vested interest by governmental organizations, hands on work by NGOs and start-ups, healthcare is one domain where solutions are being sought for global problems. Given this inherent focus, organizations are looking at not just smart solutions with smart ideas, but also smart solutions with smart technology implementations with smart ideas. This makes healthcare a great playing ground for technology, where new technological advancements, R&D, investments are often tried early on. Here’s an interesting post that talks about why healthcare marketing should be excited in how the trending technologies are being leveraged. Right from AI, blockchain, voice and video solutions, chatbots, virtual reality, wearables, social tools, healthcare is an area where solutions have leveraged a range of technologies.

How do all these play a role, in healthcare software testing and quality engineering. In healthcare app testing, the testers are usually sensitive to the fact that error tolerance is very low. Typically, quality parameters and sign off criteria are far more stringent in health care software testing, compared to other domains, given the fact that these are critical, often times applications that closely touch human lives. Given the significance at stake, a lot of governmental mandates, including laws such as HIPAA are in place for health care digital solutions. A lot of personal identifiable information is also at stake. So whether one looks at it from functional, or healthcare app performance of healthcare app security standpoints, no one area can be compromised for the sake of another. These are all given – nothing new and ones that have existed for a long time now. So what is new?

The statistics for this domain are mind boggling – mHealth technology market is poised for a 33% growth, to touch 60 billion USD by 2020. 93% physicians are hopeful in improving patient health through mobile health apps. Whether appointment scheduling, overall healthcare management, telemedicine, chronic disease care, the solutions are plenty and the market is flooded with players, both large such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and start-ups. With this kind of exponential growth, a key in strategic health care testing is to remain nimble. Being able to quickly learn new technologies and what is takes to testing them (for example testing for VR apps, wearables), combining such nimbleness with healthcare domain knowledge and workflows, is indeed the key. Such agility in adapting to new technologies, with a sensitized understanding of who the end users are and incorporating their needs to test for both functional and non-functional areas, is what together will create a comprehensive quality health care app testing strategy. Given the exciting trends and growth charts that are forecast, healthcare is a domain that has a lot of potential in store from a quality engineering standpoint too.

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Rajini Padmanaban

Rajini Padmanaban

As Vice President, Testing Services and Engagements, Rajini Padmanaban leads the engagement management for some of QA InfoTech's largest and most strategic accounts. She has over seventeen years of professional experience, primarily in software quality assurance. Rajini advocates software quality through evangelistic activities including blogging on test trends, technologies and best practices. She is also a regular speaker in conferences run by SQE, QAI STC ,ATA, UNICOM, EuroStar and has orchestrated several webinars. Her writings are featured in TechWell, Sticky Minds, Better Software Magazine. She has co-authored a book on crowdsourced testing . She can be reached at

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