Harnessing AI for Automated Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is no longer a “nice to have” engineering attribute – it is no longer a “compliance driven” engineering requirement. It has evolved to be a
critical piece in digital inclusiveness today. To enable this inclusiveness, while team buy in and investments is a core piece, technology is a more important piece that empowers engineering teams truly walk the path to successful implementations. However,
it is all a hunky dory scenario? This webinar we hosted recently talks about mindful unleashing of AI’s potential in automated accessibility testing. We are excited to be part of the accessibility journey for several global products, and AI powered solutions
will further empower us in this road to inclusiveness, the benefit of which we are able to share with our clients through in-house frameworks and ongoing tool developments. The full video from the webinar is available here.

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QA InfoTech

QA InfoTech

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