Get a clean bill of health with healthcare app testing and AI

All of us have fears- some fear death, others fear just a prick of a needle for conducting a blood test. While death is inevitable, technology can be used to eliminate the need for a needle. AI’s transforming existence has realised this dream (for the fearful ones) with Google and Verily’s new algorithm that can predict a person’s cardiovascular issues. The reach of AI into the healthcare domain talks lengths about the what the future has in store for us which requires rigorous bouts of testing as well.

Healthcare App Testing

Healthcare app testing has been a crucial area for a while now. Its increasing prominence is especially due to the usherance of Big Data and the expanding scope of this domain. Following an end-to-end testing strategy as well as compliance to mandates such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will help in stimulating the healthcare domain towards a wider outreach- to the remotest of locations as well. In India especially, the need for healthcare to be available digitally becomes critical considering the ever increasing population and a lack of efficient physical healthcare facilities. Being aligned with the concept of “Digital India”, healthcare applications are traversing with a blistering speed in a number of areas including the domain of defence with Indian Air Force’s “MedWatch” which provides timely reminders for immunizing children. Such initiatives point towards the augmented necessity of conducting healthcare app testing to provide a sound experience to the users, be it for accessibility checks, load and performance issues or for maintaining a secured platform.

A transformation with AI’s help, for the case mentioned, doctors will not only be able to predict the risks of a heart disease but would be able to do so with a higher level of efficiency and accuracy with just an eye scan! With the help of deep learning, huge amounts of medical data can today be evaluated and analyzed without excessive human intervention. But even this dream can only be realized in the purest sense after conducting a thorough healthcare application testing effort to make the future worthwhile, indeed.

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