For well you know that it’s a ‘test automation tool’ which plays it cool

With the world becoming digitized, the usherance of testing has brought with it the most effective test automation tools for regression testing of digital applications. But what has paved through the many, is Selenium, an open-source test automation tool, or rather a suite of softwares which caters to the varied testing needs of an organization by enabling automated functional testing for web applications across various browsers and platforms. The ‘go to’ tool that it has become, Selenium is not just a free open-source tool, which is a major shift from the commercial tools available in the market, but also a one with a lot of perks. Companies today have started opting for more cost-effective and compatible ways of testing in order to bring in an unrivalled level of efficiency. Selenium has guaranteed that by working across various OS’s like Windows, Mac or Linux and across conventional browsers like Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The list of its pros goes on and what catches the eye is Selenium’s seamless ability of integrating with the testing framework such as Galen, Cucumber to name a few, as well as with other test management and CI tools such as Jira, Jenkins and many more.

Selenium Test Automation

Through integration with different tools, the complexity that testing poses is minimized as well as Selenium becomes more than just a standalone tool. The industry seemingly has used Selenium for testing UI of web applications but it is no more limited to that. With its growing competence, even our testers have started exploring various methodologies and frameworks that it can be assimilated into. And so, independent QA testing organizations even leverage Selenium for testing the backend and web services with just one framework. Thus, testing today, by unveiling new opportunities, has become more comprehensive. The expanse of Selenium Test Automation has spread over the time and its flexibility to produce customized solutions is something that has made it the ‘cool test automation tool’.

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