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As testers we test a lot of apps in the course of our careers – apps that span varied domains, technologies, user base, markets etc. We may continue to be a functional tester for the most part or may end up in specialized areas such as performance, security, localization and so on. As we all get into the practical grind of any job for that matter, there is always a starting point – as a tester, what is that one area which is a great starting point?

elearning app testing services

Now, not everyone may start at the same place, but in my experience as a tester, I truly believe that there’s nothing like a learning app to start your testing stint with – essentially take up e-learning testing. And I say this, given how representative a learning app is, for all that a tester may end up doing over the years in his/her profession. The representation is a vast one – to list a few, a learning app is one that can potentially cover workflows from across domains – these include the commerce domain (with functionality such as searching and purchasing learning courses, digital payments integration), media and publishing domain (with multimedia elements in the purchased learning material), retail and of course learning (live interaction through online exams, tutor-student sessions etc.) to name some core ones. These are very wide domains, very representative of end user apps in today’s use. An e-learning application testing effort can touch on almost all testing types including functionality, performance, security, accessibility, usability, localization, all both in manual and automated forms.

E learning apps offer great room for exploratory testing and bug bashes given how intuitive and easy to use, they need to be. They also offer great scope for ample test data creation, compatibility testing across devices and matrices. Testing in production can easily be taken up with even trial versions of the app, in case you do not want to purchase one immediately. As an organization, one of the areas we specialize in, is e-learning app testing service for several of our clients in the learning domain – additionally, we have our own learning apps too. We have been fortunate that way, enabling several of our testers work as shadow testers and pick up hands on software testing, using even our own learning apps (such as Math Play and Learn). If a fresher were to ask us what’s the best place to start hands on work in software testing, we would strongly recommend testing of e learning apps – and if someone wants to learn software testing from scratch (theory and practice), we would recommend picking an e-learning course on software testing where you also try and apply all the learnings right on the app you use!

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