Effective Accessibility Recommendations

Incorporating accessibility within a product from the get-go is always beneficial. However, more often than not, this nuance is overlooked and accessibility is always considered as an afterthought. Fret not, because doing so after the product has been built is certainly possible. Without impacting the development framework or the front-end process, accessibility can be seamlessly integrated into an application via a coherent process of assimilating certain recommendations and remediations.

The webinar on “Effective Accessibility Recommendations” highlights the significance of accessibility testing for developers to fix the pain points faced by differently abled users. It sheds light on the very essence of incorporating accessibility recommendations or pointers which further helps in remediating the errors through a streamlined process.

The pain points and bugs found in terms of an application’s Perceivability, Operability, Understandability and Robustness (P.O.U.R) such as colour contrast, label text, text spacing, clickable buttons, etc., are well dwelt upon in this webinar. Our experts at QA InfoTech propose recommendations and remediations to these bugs that fall within the spectrum of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Attain an enhanced understanding of the realm via this webinar.


  • Aditya Bangari (Senior Software Engineer)
  • Riya Sharma (Software Development Engineer II)


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