Effective Accessibility Recommendations and Remediations

Accessibility Recommendation and Remediations

Digital accessibility ensures that your application is also accessible for differently-abled people. It is a solution to ensure people with disabilities (PwD) are also able to access the internet and other digital applications easily. Accessibility development brings in inclusive design and enables legal compliance. It also works as a parallel process that is embedded into the core engineering and requires very less remodelling of code, if planned and embraced early on.

This webinar throws light on the importance of accessibility and what happens after accessibility issues are identified. It has become essential for organizations to incorporate required accessibility solutions at the starting of the software development cycle. It is very similar to any other defect found in non-functional or functional areas of the development. However, accessibility is often overlooked during the development phase and comes as an afterthought. This is both expensive and time-consuming.

This “Effective Accessibility Recommendations and Remediations” webinar will help you understand the benefits of incorporating accessibility at an early stage of the development cycle. It will also highlight the significance of accessibility for software developers. By incorporating the right accessibility recommendations and pointers, accessibility errors can be fixed through a very streamlined process, efficiently.

It will also throw light on the POUR design categories of accessibility. POUR stands for accessibility design and engineering principles of perceivability, operability, understandability, and robustness. It helps in forming the backbone of an accessible design. Our experts will explain this in more detail through appropriate examples in the webinar.

The online session will also explain how accessibility development experts propose recommendations and remediations for an application; how typical bugs that are normally low hanging fruits and lie within the spectrum of WCAG 2.1 are being identified and fixed first. You will also get an idea of the core engineering and accessibility design principles. And the exact difference between recommendation and remediations, which are terms that are often used interchangeably in the industry.

In today’s digitized and connected world, implementing accessible applications has become the need of the hour. Watch this webinar to understand nuances of accessibility in the digital world and how it can be implemented efficiently.

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