Driving Globalization with Bundled Localization Testing Services

Bundled Localization Testing Services

From going global to going local, the need to make applications reach audiences in each and every geographical location has been growing by the hour. A product can do wonders if the target audience is effectively identified and the product is tailored according to their needs, preferences, taste, cultural and linguistic parameters, etc. For ensuring this, localization testing services become extremely crucial to avail. But to this, we add on a tinge of efficiency with the notion of bundled localization testing services.

For driving localized products to its fullest efficiency, our capabilities serve as a one-stop shop for localization testing services. But before delving into the nuances of bundled localization testing, let’s take a peek at the different stages of localization testing-

Stages of Localization Testing

For making any product go global, localization testing becomes an imperative service for increasing its competence. The processes or methods that are generally undertaken to perform localization testing, however are separated into 3 stages-

  • Translation services:- The first step in the testing domain for a localized product starts from translation services, wherein all strings are identified and translated into the target language by linguistic experts and translators. As a crucial step, translation drives forward the subsequent step for retrofitting the targeted language into the application.
  • Localization functional testing:- As mentioned above, once the strings get translated into the locale-specific language, this gets retrofitted into the application followed by localization functional testing. Herein, the testing is performed by a person who may not be familiar with the linguistic nuances but possesses the technical expertise along with the knowledge of how a locale-specific user will use a localized application. This essentially can be understood by citing the example of the date format- in India, the date format is denoted by DD/MM/YY, however in Japan, it is YY/MM/DD. This difference thus, comes under the purview of localized functional testers who perform the test coverage keeping these cultural nuances and contextual intricacies in mind.
  • Linguistic verification:- The last stage is to validate the accuracy of the translated product or application. Validating the language in terms of its translation, tone, emotions, etc., needs to be comprehensively tested to avoid any linguistic and cultural fallacies.

These three essential stages outline the generic process of localization testing. However, these three require separate sets of capabilities and expertise from testers. The notion of bundled localization testing comes into picture herein, where QA InfoTech’s hands-on expertise on all three at once defines the very essence of our localization testing services.

Bundled Localization Testing

For helping a product go global with enhanced efficiency, bundled localization testing helps achieve faster results. It essentially refers to a merged effort of testing, wherein all the three aforementioned steps are executed in parallel with our one-stop shop capabilities.

As mentioned before, all three steps require a different set of expertise- for translation services, linguistic specialists or translators are required; for localization functional testing, a person who may not be linguistically proficient but know the targeted localized users’ preferences and possesses the technical skillset is required; for validation of the translations or linguistic verification, a person who knows the application as well as the language is required. 

The third type of skill set is extremely rare and often comes with added costs as each step requires a different tester. To make this process more efficient and economical, bundled testing helps arrive at a parallel testing approach wherein localization functional testing and linguistic verification or testing is conducted at one place simultaneously with the help of functional testers and translators.

This amalgamated approach helps arrive at a synergy and bridge the gap between different people performing testing and verification as separate efforts. It also becomes extremely relevant due to its seamless benefits.  

Benefits of Bundled Localization Testing

With a ‘one-stop shop’ notion of fulfilling all requirements for globalization testing, bundled services serve as an end-to-end package of services wherein a melange of localization functional testing to the linguistic and cultural nuances of the target audience is carried out for comprehensive test coverage. There are several benefits that come along with bundled localization testing which essentially include:

  • Efficiency- Needless to elaborate upon, with bundled localization testing, efficiency is a given. From reducing separate testing efforts to conducting a parallel test coverage, organizations would immensely benefit from the amalgamated capabilities. QA InfoTech has been enabling several ISVs with these offerings.
  • Cost-effectiveness- This comes aligned with efficiency. The whole process helps save time as well as costs since localization functional testing and linguistic verification and translation is done simultaneously by testers who possess the expertise for both.
  • Faster deployment of the product- A product can thus be rolled out in the market in less time since the time taken to perform localization testing reduces tremendously. Such dynamic globalization and localization testing capabilities can help product companies immensely in living up to the end-users’ expectations. 

Thus, with bundled localization testing, making products go global can be achieved in no time. To have a person conduct localization functional testing and translators to verify the language simultaneously, is a niche that our experts have hands-on expertise on.

With specific novel techniques and solutions to test a localized application for the target audience, we help organizations deliver a seamless application to end-users.

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