Don’t let the festivities hamper your application’s performance

While the festive season is upon us, e-commerce sites out there are feeling the jitters. Back in November this year, a number of sites like GAME, Lowe’s, Takealot, etc., crashed down during the Black Friday sale due to the huge user-traffic. With Christmas and New Years’ sale this month, e-commerce giants are all geared up to face the same and even worse as a million shoppers would try to cash in on the deals. Such performance bottlenecks won’t just hamper an application but would also lead to a loss of existing as well as potential customers.

Performance Testing Services

This thus, calls out for a concentrated performance test effort wherein one needs to test for load thoroughly. With tools like HP LoadRunner, JMeter or SilkPerformer, the road to an easy testing process is paved expediently. Certain key points that would prove to be beneficial for an end-to-end coverage would be-

    • Covering all the test types- conducting a number of load tests like a benchmark test, spike test, soak test, stress test, etc., would help in understanding the user load and specific load bottlenecks.


    • Following an Agile methodology- with the test environment revolutionizing over the time by shifting left, the performance bottlenecks could be eliminated from the very initiation of the SDLC itself. And this test effort should be a cumulative one from the testers as well as the Dev team.


  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)- by adopting an agile methodology for fixing performance issues from the get go, CI and CD plays an important role to make the process effective and faster wherein an combinatorial effort of the CI processes and load tests help in achieving stabler results and better software iterations and releases.

By implementing such processes, which isn’t an exhaustive set but beneficial nonetheless, performance testing not just ensures a thorough check on the non-functional attributes but also in retaining your customer base during peak load conditions. Thus, don’t let the peak festive season come in way of all the mirth and frolic of a shopper’s fantasy to avail the best holiday discounts!

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