Do You Understand the True Meaning of Quality

Testing fraternity is in an interesting crossroad over the last few years. On one hand we are moving closer to the development ecosystem and on the other we are striving to maintain our unbiased independence in the testing services we provide. We work in an industry today with high digital convergence and disruption, thanks to the dynamic technology and user landscape. How do we, as a fraternity, sail through these times to truly realize the potential of these challenges and leverage them as opportunities?

This will be one of the keynote sessions that will be hosted at QAI STC this year, at its software testing conference in Bangalore. Our Vice President, Rajini Padmanaban, will be presenting this keynote on Dec 8th. She will talk about how understanding the true meaning of quality beyond core day to day testing is the key in handling today’s requirements and surpassing them. She bases her talk on four comprehensive pillars that are not exhaustive but are critical in understanding the true value of quality – these include the purpose, belonging, transcendence and storytelling in the context of software quality. These will be explained with examples that we can relate to and act on in enhancing the value of what we do, on a daily basis. These will give us a context that helps us elevate our positioning as testers, or anyone that owns quality and also the outcomes that we deliver to provide extra ordinary end user experiences. These together create a win-win situation for all entities involved, be it a tester, any other product team member, the organization or the end user base. Stay tuned for more details from the presentation later this week.

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