Digital Assurance Testing

Digital Assurance Testing

Digital Assurance Testing Overview

Digital Assurance Testing services at QA InfoTech enables clients emerge as digital disruptors in their competitive zone.

With the hyper convergent scenario of the 21st century, digital disruption is constantly changing the business dynamics at all levels. Enterprises need to be agile, adapt to the changes at business, user and technology levels, while also maintaining their niche.

What We Do?

QA InfoTech ensures robust digital quality assurance solutions and caters to the multifaceted needs of the client by conducting comprehensive digital assurance testing throughout your operation chain and digital ecosystem. The services herein navigate the entire domain by leveraging the value-added elements of the test assets.

For an improved and upgraded digital transformation experience and customer satisfaction, the experts at QA InfoTech strengthen your systems with digital technologies including Cloud, Analytics, Social & Mobile with our custom frameworks. We are committed to deliver a robust, scalable and customized framework with a comprehensive data flow strategy that supports a range of platforms, channels and devices.

What We Deliver?

Our offerings encompass the below mentioned digital assurance testing solutions:
  • Improved user experience with complete validation in all supported global markets
  • Test at component level while integrating with the digital ecosystem
  • Agile, bespoke and technology agnostic frameworks
  • Cross browser/platform frameworks and support
  • Cost effective solution leveraging cloud systems
  • Ensure complete site integrity at acceptable performance levels
  • Validation of loopholes, vulnerabilities and security threats

High Efficiency with AI Techniques

Our engineering led quality analysis and digital transformation services ensures top of the line agility. With robust machine learning and artificially intelligent techniques for error prediction, mitigation, execution traceability and risk profiling we bring authenticity, efficiency and effectiveness to the testing project.

Experience Optimal Business Growth

Digital Quality Assurance

QA InfoTech’s engineers, curate a seamless digital transformation route by offering point-to-point validation from data to actionable insights, leveraging modern day quality assurance, testing tools to deliver optimal business growth.

Top Notch Security

For a digital entity, be it a Fortune 500 or a startup, security and brand image are top most priorities. The digital world is always open to security breaches and threats and there is not a single moment when there isn’t a viable possibility to exploit a security loophole; digital security experts strongly ensure that these vulnerabilities are proactively ascertained and mitigated. Our comprehensive security practices ensure proper testing at the code, application, network levels to ensure thorough analysis and fixes as required to enable readiness for global markets.

Maximize Automation

As industry pioneers, our core automation approach gives you the best in class automation testing services with the use of finest accelerators. Our approach towards the entire automation testing lifecycle is intelligently powered by DevOps acceleration, enhanced quality, stringent focus on risk identification, management & containment and optimal execution time, to achieve results that shatter traditional models and break the stereotypical business analytics cycle.

Multi-Channel Usage

Expectations change with the passage of time and so are user needs in this digital era. Customers today want their applications to exist and be compatible across multiple platforms and multiple devices – in essence be omnipresent.

Every application is in this race of sustainability and is expected to outsmart competition, irrespective of the device and platform, thus making digital assurance usability an important factor for your users. Our customized framework incorporates measurable improvements into the very core of your product.

Engineered for Performance

At QA InfoTech precision and quality are key, which when combined with robust processes and systematic engineering with apt instrumentation practices, accelerate the performance of your app and reduce the response time. The process is done by mining, detecting and analysing the app at the code level identifying the root cause of every issue.

Data Quality Management

Recent studies show that the quality of data and the associated security concerns are a major priority for customers. Our aim at QA InfoTech is to help our clients minimize the risk of data use, its deployment over the established frameworks, automatic validation, and secure all forms of enterprise data.

For better understanding, cost effectiveness and timely delivery without compromising the quality of digital transformation services, just ping us or schedule a meeting for a detailed session.

Why QA InfoTech Testing Services?

Increased collaboration between development, QA and Operations teams

Agile software development backed with cloud-based support

Faster cross platform deployment

Rapid feedback and efficient error fixing