Predictive Analytics Solutions & Services

Predictive Analytics Solutions & Services

Predictive Analytics Solutions & Services overview

Becoming data-driven is inevitable for businesses, today. From data analytics, to recommendation engines, business intelligence, analytical reporting, the algorithmic science enables us to sift through large volumes of unstructured data to understand unexplored patterns and objectivity across disciplines. At QA InfoTech, which has so far traditionally focused on quality engineering services, we are very excited to introduce a new service line that focuses on end-to-end data science and analytics engineering to serve as a one-stop shop for all your data needs. More specifically, we specialize in data services for the e-learning, education and publishing domains.

Data Analytics for eLearning:

► Learning Record Store (LRS), a data store system that serves as a repository for learning records necessary for using the Experience API (xAPI), is a relatively new specification for the technologies in the learning domain and we have extensive experience implementing it.

► Caliper, another standard that we have experience with, enables the collection, storage, and transport of data about learning. It provides the information model, data structure and semantic interoperability, resulting in an improved exchange of information across applications and institutions. Caliper is narrowly focused on eLearning while xAPI is more generic.

LRS and Caliper Ecosystems:

A Quick Overview of our Experience:

Our Services:

  • Data Sciences: We offer solutions around demand planning, returns optimization, customer analytics, recommender systems, predictive maintenance and dynamic pricing. We apply the right supervised or unsupervised algorithm to your big data to come up with valuable predictions for ‘ahead of time’ decision making. Through text analytics, sentiment analysis and/or predictive data analysis, we can help our clients discover insights and consumer intelligence unavailable previously. We leverage a range of tools including Excel, R, SAS, SPSS, Weka, Orange, Spark MLlib, Mahout, MATLAB to enable us to offer data sciences services.
  • Data Engineering: The traditional ETL function still brings in its own value. Data mining, dealing with large volumes of data through techniques such as scrapping, scrubbing, querying continue to be important today. We use a range of technologies and tools, mostly open source, and also deal with a large number of databases to provide the best in quality data engineering services. Whether it is MySQL, NoSQL, Cloudera, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redshift, Snowflake, Hbase, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Spark Streaming, Java, Python, Scala, Perl, etc., you have it all covered with us.
  • Data Quality: As with any other discipline, the quality and reliability of the information you deal with is very important. We provide tools and processes along with quality services to improve the quality of big data around accuracy, completeness and overall security.
  • Data Reporting: What use is any of the above without relevant, timely and actionable reports? We provide insights through visualization techniques and infographics that are ready to be consumed by varied levels of entities in an organization and immediately acted upon. Our reports are periodic, real time, auto generated, customized and intuitive. We use various tools/formats, such as Advanced Excel, Tableau, Business Objects, Microstrategy, NVD3, D3, HighCharts, PowerPoint, PDF decks, HTML, webpages, or any other format/frequency required by our clients.


Each one of the above services can be offered stand-alone or as part of the larger Data Sciences and Analytics services package.

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