Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced Testing Overview

Global outreach, quick time-to-market and a feature-rich design are some of the major drivers in today’s market in determining a product’s success. One such paradigm software testing technique gaining popularity is “Crowdsourced Testing”. The scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround it has to offer are all being spoken about at length in several forums. We, at QA InfoTech, have been delivering crowd testing services for our clients for a few years now and have been able to consistently expand our network of crowd testers across geographies and devices coverage as the primary two areas of focus.

Why should you Crowd Test?

  • A viewpoint of people from different demographic profiles that form your user base becomes available
  • The tests are done under real world scenarios and conditions
  • A plethora of device options are available to test your scenarios on, without having to acquire them
  • Crowd sourcing facilitates pooling in people with diverse abilities under one umbrella
  • Crowd brings in fast turnaround and can reduce overall cost of quality, if the right checks and balances are implemented
  • Since it is an “On Demand” model, the team can be ramped up in a very short span

Our executive management has a strong investment in bringing in a diverse crowd in enabling our clients to ship global products and solutions. Our Director of Test Engagements, Rajini, speaks elaborately on Implementing Crowd Testing in global conferences including Star East 2012 and 2013, EuroStar 2015. To find more on projects where we have applied the crowd, the due diligence that we exercise on what, when, how to crowd source and how we have added value on various engagements, write to us at To register to be a part of our crowd sourced testers, please sign up here.

Our book on crowdsourced testing published by Taylor & Francis is now available in the market and can be purchased. We have also been covered by Nelson Hall as a global provider of crowd sourced testing services. More details are available here

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Why QA InfoTech Testing Services?

Increased collaboration between development, QA and Operations teams

Agile software development backed with cloud-based support

Faster cross platform deployment

Rapid feedback and efficient error fixing