Creating a custom strategy even within the same domain

With changing times, the value of a test strategy as a detailed exercise and document is often questioned in the software testing and development industries today. I myself am an advocate of minimal documentation where possible. However, the core value behind a test strategy helping determine, what to test, when to test, how to test, how much to test is certainly essential to be planned – whether you call this a test strategy or a test plan is really an organization specific jargon.

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Thinking more about how a test strategy itself is custom made depending on which domain it is being used for, the customization only becomes deeper as more variables come into the mix. To give a specific example here, I was thinking of the combination of augmented reality in the world of health care, and how healthcare application testing strategy would change depending on what this combination is being leveraged for. Augmented reality in the world of health care can be used for varied scenarios – staff training, patient training, diagnosis, actual procedures etc. When leveraged for the training purposes, the strategy can focus more on usability, interaction, content etc. as part of the testing portfolio. When used for more live scenarios such as diagnosis and procedures, elements such as security, performance, responsiveness need a lot of attention.

You may ask why does this become custom made just because a new variable like augmented reality comes into the mix? Will this not be the case, even for health care as a stand-alone variable? While this is largely true, augmented reality brings in its own complexity into the testing mix – for example, it is still not very straightforward to test for areas such as accessibility in AR. The technology is still evolving and specialized teams are focusing on what it takes to test AR apps across various quality attributes. With these in the mix, the point to take away, is that as every new variable comes into the mix, especially for complex and low-tolerance-for-errors domains such as health care application testing, a custom test strategy becomes inevitable.

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