Courseware & Content Testing

Courseware & Content Testing

Courseware & Content Testing Overview

For specific domains, such as learning and publishing, content QA is very important. Given that we specialize in serving clients in these domains, we see the value of building a niche in testing for content.

As part of courseware functional testing, we cover all of the following:

  • Course navigation
  • Course content checks, per source
  • Functional testing of quizzes, links
  • Course design per specifications
  • Video, audio, PDF, PowerPoint files and their relevance to the corresponding chapter/link
  • Test results and instructor reports
  • Test for images, content formatting and placement
  • Check for typos and correct grammar, punctuation, etc.

To provide foolproof content QA to our clients, we also explore out-of-box solutions such as partnering with content subject matter experts as required. We have in depth working experience across a wide range of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) including Blackboard, WebCT, Angel Learning, eCollege, Moodle, Xplana, VitalSource, CourseSmart.

A sample Content Conversion QA that we have done for one of our leading clients is as shown below:

Why QA InfoTech for your Content Testing needs?

  • Very deep domain knowledge in the learning and publishing industry, for over a decade
  • Our customized courseware & content testing checklists, significantly reduce the overall testing time helping us guarantee a very fast turnaround regardless of the volume of content that needs to be tested
  • In-house test automation frameworks built specifically for content digitization QA give us an edge in providing customized technical solutions covering the E2E scope of content transformation