The connect between evolving technologies and software testing

Software quality and testing is a very versatile space. As testers, we wear multiple hats – we think about the system architecture and implementation, we think about the business cases, we think about end users.  We continue to evaluate new technologies entering the market, what it takes to testing them, what tools to leverage, what are the challenges in testing for new domains and markets. These are all important questions to address but what we sometimes miss is if any of these new technologies will make our lives easier as testers.

Whether it be software functional testing, performance testing, localization testing, whatever the area of testing we may work on, one message that is increasingly clear to all software testers, is the need to innovate and question the status quo. For this to happen, testers should not only uni-directionally look at end goal of how to test, but also how to leverage newer solutions to make their test effort more optimal and productive.

A couple of years back we had in fact done a webinar on how to leverage augmented reality to make testing more productive. Today, there was an interesting post we read on how virtual reality helps in the work environment, not just in the tester’s environment, but any work place for that matter. A lot of these newer solutions, especially in the space of machine learning, analytics, AR/VR/MR, IoT, offer a lot of cues to build simple tools or even leverage existing solutions as is to make testing more fun and productive. This is even more important today, as not just testers own quality – there are non-testers also that pitch into the quality effort – if testers can make testing more engaging and extensible across teams through some of these newer techniques, the entire quality effort will soon become cohesive and benefit all stakeholders. For example, the article above talks about how virtual reality brings in more collaboration. Lately we have been talking about the need to engage with end users to bring in new test approaches around exploratory testing such as crowd-sourced testing techniques. Imagine bringing the power of virtual reality into a crowd-sourced testing effort.

Such innovative implementations not only leverage the power and potential of newer technologies but also equally help the testers get a grip on them making them better testers (aka end users) of the newer solutions engineered.

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