Change of process is required to deliver quality.

I don’t know how much you agree with the headline but suppose you have to travel daily from your home to office with a preferred route you chose in the starting. You are aware with each hurdle breaker and crossing and after 3-4 months you will get familiar with the route. Now you would have nothing more to find out and learn in this path until you didn’t try for an alternative way. Similarly in software testing when you work much on the same project and get aware with each bug and defects which comes along your way in the project then after some time (it can be more than one or two year)you will find that there is nothing much left to learn.

In testing terms it’s called “pesticide paradox”. Insects that survive the pesticides are those that are more resistant to the poison than others. Similarly those defects and bug survive that are resistant to the process and the techniques. This enforces pesticide companies to continue their work of developing new poisons that will kill whatever survived their previous products.

We found same thing with the software. If we create bug detection and prevention techniques same as we follow previously then there would be more bug escaped that does not come in the area where we are searching for. I always believe that new ideas always come from the new heads. May be its not always true because sometimes experiences matters a lot.

A Quality work requires to develop new techniques and ideas and come up with a new approach. People also need to welcome the new heads in the team and should believe these new ones. Change of work is something more effective with respect to project quality and to spread or identify the people ability.

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