Can Quality Assurance and Testing Transform Global Healthcare ?

That’s a million dollar question. Global healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry. Traditionally healthcare has been one of the core domains that has acknowledged the need for quality given the stakes involved and the absolute low or zero tolerance for errors. Haven’t we always wondered what if a machine at the doctor’s office or the software that runs on them is faulty – what would be the implications? A bug in a shopping portal is always liveable with, compared to that in a health care domain. Ofcourse, every domain has its own importance and threshold levels when it comes to defect tolerance, but it is undeniable that certain domains such as health care, transport, life sciences, have a higher need for quality given the adverse implications they can have on human life if something were to go wrong. Healthcare software testing has therefore certainly played a pivotal role in shaping the overall software testing domain.

Healthcare App Testing Services

While on one hand the importance of quality in health care is obvious, health care is a huge industry. Developing and deploying health care applications may not be a huge challenge. Infact ensuring quality in them may also be complex but not impossible. There may be discrepancies in global consumption of the app which may require customizations, but that again is doable. The huge challenge with global healthcare and related quality, especially in developing nations such as India, is health care data. Only now, health care data digitization is slowly becoming mainstream, and the quality of the data is the biggest challenge than anything else. It is important for the quality teams, healthcare testing service providers and overall stakeholders to recognize the need for accurate, reliable, precise and verbose data that can be stored securely, retrieved effectively to enable practitioners and patients make educated health care decisions at the right time.

Even if the focus is on testing a health care app, the quality of the health care data should not be ignored and this is where elements such as big data testing, data analytics quality etc. come into picture. Several health care enterprises and startups, are trying to create a marked presence in this space globally and for the benefit of all entities involved, quality assurance of not just the applications but also the data together become imperative to transform the global health care industry.

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