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We have heard of Bugathons – we are seeing these happen increasingly in tech savvy cities globally, including a lot of them in India. These events get people who care about quality together, with a greater focus on community learning, networking and having fun related to one’s profession outside of work. A sense of collective or crowd testing in whatever ways possible is also established and implemented. However, such events may not always be a success in turnaround, as it may involve going to a certain location over a weekend, spending almost a day etc., – however passionate you may be in your testing profession, this calls for some strong motivation and commitment, to make happen, unless it is an event that you can remotely take up from the comfort of your home or office. Obviously the level of learning and networking will be compromised in case of remote events.  

A new trend is now starting in this space of knowledge sharing, called Blogathons – while conferences aspire for such solid learning material through posters, presentations, workshops etc., these Blogathons have humble beginnings keeping the overall overhead pretty low and manageable – at the same time the learning quotient is also quite high when blogs written are vetted by subject matter experts. This is important for the simple reason that not all test experts may be great in articulation of thoughts in a written form. In fact a side benefit of such Blogathons is to promote better communication and articulation amongst the testing community and can be really done at all levels – within a company, within a certain area etc.

We are happy to see, our dear friends from Agile Testing Alliance (as a side note, we have done a few conference presentations and bugathons with them) organize a series of Blogathons (blog writing competitions) across a range of topics. Their first series is on Selenium Testing, Selenium Test Automation, Open-Source Test Automation. This is certainly going to be exciting and we are sure the turnaround material will benefit the dev-test community at large bringing in better quality practices in today’s Agile world. We, for sure, are excited to have our testers write for this Blogathon event. For more details visit the ATA page and also contact their team at-

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Subject Matter Expert Team

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