Data Analytics Using xAPI

xAPI provides a simple way to store and retrieve learning records and learner experience profiles. Once all data is collected in a data store like LRS (Learning Record Store), it can be analyzed and converted into actionable insights. If you are interested in xAPI based LRS solution and/or want to add data analytics functionality in your eLearning application, the webinar we hosted recently, the recording for which is available here, will be very useful. Herein we cover an overview to xAPI, our experiences with Tin Can / xAPI and LRS through a short demo and our perspective with different LRSs we have experimented with. Do reach out to us if you are looking at a customized data solution and we would be happy to discuss more.

About the Author

Rajini Padmanaban

Rajini Padmanaban

As Vice President, Testing Services and Engagements, Rajini Padmanaban leads the engagement management for some of QA InfoTech's largest and most strategic accounts. She has over seventeen years of professional experience, primarily in software quality assurance. Rajini advocates software quality through evangelistic activities including blogging on test trends, technologies and best practices. She is also a regular speaker in conferences run by SQE, QAI STC ,ATA, UNICOM, EuroStar and has orchestrated several webinars. Her writings are featured in TechWell, Sticky Minds, Better Software Magazine. She has co-authored a book on crowdsourced testing . She can be reached at

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