Blockchain Applications Testing

Blockchain Apps Testing Services Overview

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant across all domains because of its properties of decentralization, immutability and transparency. These attributes of blockchain are finding applications in multiple sectors, ranging from agriculture and healthcare to insurance and aviation. With an increasing demand to leverage the technology, it is equally important to test it for potential anomalies.

Services Offered

QA InfoTech has always been an advocate in leveraging latest technologies to solve contemporary problems. A team with strong expertise and experience in blockchain space was bootstrapped early on. With the in-house team of blockchain testing experts, we offer a specialised range of services for testing blockchain based applications. The offerings include:

  • Functional testing – To evaluate the proper functioning of all use cases and business scenarios. The components considered by the testers are: size of the block & chain, addition of blocks and data transmission
  • API testing – To keep a check on the interaction of the application with the blockchain ecosystem
  • Integration testing – To ensure the different components talk to each other seamlessly. The teams test the APIs to ensure they can be used during the validation phase
  • Performance testing – To determine the potential bottlenecks for market readiness of the application. Performance testing is also key to check the scalability of the application
  • Security testing – To ensure the applications are impenetrable to attacks such as viruses and malicious program

Blockchain Testing – Approach

While blockchain technology in itself is at a nascent stage, there are many industry level challenges in testing blockchain applications. At QA InfoTech, we have leveraged the experience in Software Testing and our domain expertise in blockchain, to develop a structured approach to systematically conduct the testing process.

The different phases in the testing process include:

  1. Initiation Phase- Requirements gathering, analysing the blockchain architecture and solution, designing a comprehensive test strategy
  2. Design Phase- Creating test cases and test data, setting up the environment, defining performance metrics
  3. Testing Phase- API testing, block testing, smart contract testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, integration testing
  4. Reporting Phase- Project summary report, performance testing report, smart contract testing report, security testing report

Tools and techniques used in BlockChain App Testing

Along with the approach and process, it is equally important to choose the right tools for the testing process. Some of the tools and techniques used include: Embark, Ethereum tester, Truffle Framework and Populus.

Blockchain as a technology continues to evolve and testing therein is a niche. At QA InfoTech, having implemented testing frameworks specific to blockchain, we are well positioned to enable clients rep the potential of this technology without compromising on quality. We have also been helping spread this knowledge in the industry through webinars and workshops. Will be happy to connect with you to put together a custom QE strategy for blockchain implementations – ping us to explore more!

Why QA InfoTech For BlockChain Testing Services?

Increased collaboration between development, QA and Operations teams

Agile software development backed with cloud-based support

Faster cross platform deployment

Rapid feedback and efficient error fixing