Better be safe than sorry with security testing

It is a wonder how security has become pivotal today yet the heed paid to it is almost negligent. With the recent uproar of data leak by Facebook of over 87 million users, people are getting extremely anxious about their sensitive information at the disposal of any third party website. Even a minute detail is open to be exposed in today’s era with the black side of technological pursuits. The mishap with Facebook was an eye opener for everyone to be cautious of the threats “out there”; to be better safe than sorry.

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The starting point of any application which is developed should also be looked at from a security standpoint. This becomes essential by ensuring a comprehensive security test coverage throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with DevSecOps and not just in the end. From mapping and scanning vulnerabilities to essentially exploiting it via pen testing from the very beginning itself becomes a lot more efficient. Compliance to security standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Guidelines for Indian Government Websites- Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (GIGW- STQC), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), etc., is just the initial path towards establishing a thorough security test environment to provide a trusted platform to users. Automated security testing becomes a way to go amongst many to make this process expedient and faster. Although, it does not guarantee a true picture and may give false positives, it still is an option to consider for organizations which have a broad test coverage, for faster and efficient results. Even an amalgamation with AI can prove to do wonders with predictive analysis and faster decision making of the unanticipated threats. Gamification is also trending for extracting the threats that lie within an application, with bug hunts, hackathons, etc. which essentially helps the organization as a whole in understanding the root cause of such breaches. These methods are in no way exhaustive, since a mix and match of all would help in producing even better results.

As is said- precaution is better than cure- the calling in this day and age is of security testing, the importance of which needs to be thoroughly understood by organizations. Ensuring quality deliverables by certified developers and testers in the field of security testing plays a huge role in maintaining a cohesive test environment to maximize coverage. In just a flicker, information can be leaked all across the world. Isn’t this reason enough to start focusing on security testing already?

Contributing Author: Niharika Virlley

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