Augmented Reality Application Testing

Augmented Reality Application Testing

Augmented Reality App Testing: Overview

Today, with the advancement in technology, ubiquitous computing and omnipresence of the internet go hand in hand. This combination has radically impacted our standard of living, that it has become indispensable to our lives. One such technology gaining prominence in this combination, is ‘Augmented Reality‘ – this is a system that generates a composite view for the user combining real scene as viewed by him and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the real scene with additional information.

Augmented Reality is a fast growing market and for us as testers it is very important to understand two things – firstly, what is Augmented Reality application testing and secondly, how Augmented Reality can be leveraged to make the testing process more productive and efficient. At QA InfoTech, we have been testing and researching extensively in both these spaces, with a core SME team that we can confidently say, we are one of the very few that provide augmented reality app testing holistically today. Augmented app testing like wearables app testing, cannot be tested in isolation in most cases.

Our rich experience in the mobile app testing world, testing for varied functional and non-functional attributes, testing other associated areas including virtual reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, all coupled tightly to deliver more than what our clients expect of us, and more than what their users expect of their solutions. Our extensive understanding of the similarities and lines of difference between these varied technologies, investments in live projects both from research and hands on client work, all come in together in the E2E services that we offer in this space.

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