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A positive work environment is something that we all look forward to everyday. The recruitment function in any organization, like most other functions, is driven largely by the demand-supply scenario. Hiring the right talent is a very critical step in further strengthening a company’s position in the marketplace, amongst its users and more importantly nurturing a positive environment within. Today, money and associated tangible benefits are not the only motivators to attract talent. There was an interesting panel recently on start-ups competing head on with product giants in getting talent on par and what it takes for them to position themselves amongst potential hires. This panel talked about a bunch of points while specifically focusing on a few like earning the first conversation, highlighting the company values and focusing beyond money. This equally applies in the non-technology industries too but more specifically here, where the demand – supply situation is often very tightly coupled. While start-ups and product giants face one side of the battle, product and services companies face it on the other side.

Software Testing Services

We, at QA InfoTech, as a long time software testing services company have also faced this challenge a lot, especially in the early years in areas such as campus hires. But the key takeaways the panel spoke about, is something that we continue to focus on too. Highlighting our core values including, Excellence, Partnership and Commitment in what we do, sets us apart and it does get noticed and embraced by our employees too. A company that emphasizes on core internal values and treats its employees as its core asset, will come out strong despite hiring hurdles and challenges it may face. Today, we stand out as an independent software testing and quality organization across India, US and other global market places, providing software testing services across a range of industries, and a huge range of services in our portfolio. And that would not be possible without hiring the right talent. Another important point to note is that an organization may have an excellent internal work culture and environment but the message has to be strongly evangelized amongst potential hires, failing which it will go un-noticed. As an organization, to that extent we are committed to showcasing our current positioning transparently, leveraging existing employees, industry connect programs, evangelism measures in the testing discipline etc. Such external positioning in addition to the internal vibes the company has built and continues building, go a long way in enabling us on-board the right talent.

A standing testimony to the same is the yearly Great Places to Work for award that we have been securing over the last few years now. It is an award that truly belongs to the employees of QA InfoTech, who have shaped us to who we are today.

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