AS400 – Encrypt Data with V7R1

To encrypt the data in V7R1, the new feature has been introduced by IBM i.e. “FIELDPROC” which was not available in previous versions.

FIELDPROC stands for Field Procedures and its a column and field level exit point software for the IBM i DB2 database. FIELDPROC allows system administrators to select which data they want to encrypt on a column by column and row by row basis

When you encrypt with V7R1 FIELDPROC, the entire process is automated with no need for application changes. IBM i system administrators first need to identify all fields they want to encrypt. Next, install FIELDPROC exit point software, and then activate it. Used along side an encryption program, the DB2 database automatically, without application changes, calls on the FIELDPROC exit program to encrypt and decrypt, and retrieve encryption keys. One thing to remember is that using FIELDPROC only as an exit point is not by itself adequate for data security. IBM i administrators must also implement power key management solutions if they want to not only secure their data but also b PCI DDS compliant.

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