An application is not strong just by implementation but rather by usage too

Web Security Testing has become hugely in demand in the last few years for understandable reasons. Cyber crimes, vulnerabilities being exploited, threats going undetected have all dampened the user confidence in the digital world especially for sensitive transactions, although on the other hand digital revolution is touching newer heights. As practitioners of software quality, app security testing is also a core service we provide. We have increasingly been seeing that an application’s security is not just strong by implementation but also by end user usage.

Granted that a tight security designed and implemented upfront closes a lot of doors in lack of secure usage but a user has his/her share of role to play too. For example, it is alarming to see that even in today’s age of digital awareness, the worst secure passwords for 2017 are ones that even kids would know not to use. Similarly, misuse in sharing information, lack of secure modes of operation especially in open office spaces, lack of using secure networks when accessing digital information on the go, are just some examples of where users let the leash loose from a security angle.

This year, there will be more focus on security at varied levels – web, network, API – organizations that have a bad security reputation will certainly take a hit at an overall market positioning. Web security testing will be on the rise. Security will become a critical non-functional attribute in making a release decision call too. But that said, from an engineering stand point of design and implementation, users have to be more secure in how they operate. They will have to help empower and educate people in their known circles who may not be very digital or security savvy, because end of the day, the security of the digital world is equally in our hands – we are all not just engineers and end users, but also end user advocates for other digital apps to ensure the cyber world is increasingly secure and perpetrators are kept under constant vigil and check.

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