Android & iOS App Testing

Android & iOS App Testing

Mobile Applications Testing Services

Technology is omnipresent today. Studies show by 2020, 50 billion devices would be connected online and by 2020, everyone under the age of 25 will be digital ready. With such powerful forecasts and hoards of new devices, apps and platforms that flood the market everyday, ensuring the integrated quality in the mobile space is no easy feat. The combinations of platforms and devices that a mobile app needs to be supported on, along with the varied test attributes that the applications needs to be validated on, makes mobile application testing a niche to build core expertise on.

At ATE, we not only have been tracking the market to build this acumen, but have also been:

  • Building test automation frameworks to support mobile test automation.
  • Investing in a state of art mobile test lab.
  • Researching on latest solutions such as mobile payment solutions, including providing testing services to such payment gateways directly.
  • Working on varied customer engagements and actively optimizing testing efforts.
  • Exploring open source tools and technologies to leverage in mobile computing and so on.

These together, position us to reach out to our customers and prospects to offer an E2E integrated mobile test offering package to ensure applications are ready for app store approval and end user consumption. Our clients have also been largely benefitting from our specific mobile app testing frameworks, especially in areas such as functional and performance testing, some of which standout in the industry such as device performance testing and its impact on mobile app performance. Mobile accessibility is another standout offering leveraging device built in tools with our paired team of SMEs and visually challenged testers. These together make AppTestingExperts a one stop shop for your mobile app testing needs.