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With the growth of internet and the smart devices, it has become a necessity to provide learning solutions that work on laptops, smartphones and tablets. Development in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript has led to a common e-learning solution that work on all the devices. So as an e-learning developer, I will briefly talk about few of the new technologies in a short and precise way that I used in my e-learning project creation.


In early days of JavaScript, we had to manipulate DOM using APIs which were in-consistent across web-browsers. Then JQuery came which improved APIs and made it easier to develop cross-browsers web-applications. Now the era of powerful, versatile and flexible JavaScript MVC framework i.e.  Angular JS arrived which instead of hiding the HTML and CSS, has strengthen them to make them suitable for describing dynamic views and results into a work flow that is very much familiar to both new and experienced Smartphone app developer.


All Three in one Cup:

HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS MVC framework has simplified the frontend development to make the complex web app. The combination is a complete solution for rapid-frontend development. It has reduced the complexity of the server and eliminates the server-side HTML rendering.

AngularJS includes things like model-handling, template handling, AJAX and data-binding. It is a very approachable application framework with which one can easily work on. With this incredible framework, one can have an app within in few minutes. The code for AngularJS app is organized into Models, Views, and Controllers where the views are defined using HTML and CSS, Controllers are just JavaScript methods. So it’s easy to work out with these.

Working with this awesome JavaScript framework which provides two-way data binding is both fast and easy to use. It is such a powerful directive system which helps in creating reusable custom components and many more. This combination is a style that is clear and concise.


All in one cup

Benefits of AngularJS Framework:

AngularJs is that MVC framework which enhances HTML by attaching its directives to the page which in turn define powerful templates in one’s HTML. It includes its built in validations like min-length, max-length, required, email etc. It helps in structuring and testing the code very easily. It is easy to get started and is relatively fast to develop apps. It can work in a very small portion of the page with no impact on the file layout. It works efficiently with the other technologies and libraries and is also extensible.


There are many strengths of client-side templating with HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS technology. It affects the performance positively and maximize the code reusability and maintainability. Moreover, this framework is designed in such a way that testing of the AngularJS app is as easy as possible. Arrival of advanced and exciting application frameworks like AngularJS is a milestone that any developer or designer should be excited about.


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