Accessibility is not about just the challenged

Accessibility engineering has gained a lot of prominence in the last few years and accessibility testing has a lot of scope today both in the product development space as well as testing careers of individual testers. However one large myth the industry still holds is that accessibility is about people who are challenged. While this is not untrue and for the large part accessibility is about ensuring inclusive applications are built for one and all, including compliances such as Sec 508, WCAG to ensure coverage for the challenged (visual, hearing, cognitive, motor), accessibility also means making an application equally accessible and usable for a normal user.

Accessibility Testing

For example, a person with otherwise normal audio capabilities may be in a public place unable to hear an audio visual in the normal mode. He may not have access to a head phone and may need closed captioning. This is also an accessibility scenario. Accessibility testing includes thinking through a range of scenarios, both on web and mobile, both from an end user and compliances standpoint, to ensure equal inclusion for one and all. On one hand, WCAG compliance testing and for that matter any other compliance standard, not only takes care of compliances, but also gives additional scenarios for the tester to creatively think of – and such creativity and real life application can come in once he understands that although accessibility is largely about the challenged, it is not just about the challenged.

As an organization committed to e2e quality, accessibility testing is an important service offering we provide – we have a team of visually challenged users, a group of accessibility testing experts/SMEs, we take on accessibility testing projects, workshops, talks in conferences etc. and the one message we send across in all of our efforts, is accessibility is a paired effort – of the challenged and regular accessibility test experts who work in unison to achieve inclusion for one and all.

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