A webinar on Applying Manual and Automated methodologies in Accessibility Testing

Thanks to mandates and better appreciation/acceptance for inclusive software, the digital technology industry is exploring possible ways to build applications and products that are usable by one and all, including the differently abled. But in today’s time, the real struggle is to choose between the most effective methodologies, in ensuring quality – whether to rely on manual or automated techniques, what is the right balance in strategy in leveraging each of them, skills to build in both spaces etc.Accessibility Testing Webinar

It is a myth that testing a web application using an automated tool would reveal the most critical and major defects or that using a manual testing methodology may not report the defects in a comprehensive manner – while automation is certainly inevitable in today’s Agile world and has its own numerous benefits, an automation implementation is only as smart as the engineer designs it to be. Our webinar focuses on arriving at the right balance between manual and automated testing techniques for software accessibility, highlighting the benefits each bring to the table and arriving at a strategy that leverages the best of both worlds. It will focus on a unique paired testing approach that we use at QA InfoTech, an objective tool that we have built to understand what your accessibility score is, what makes sense to test manually and what in an automated manner, how to maximize accessibility test coverage, all of which will be supported with ample examples from our experience, thereby helping you bring in better efficiencies in your accessibility test effort. This webinar was presented by our team of accessibility experts, including our assistive technology user, to see how they implement the balance on a daily basis. The recording from this session is available here

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