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Over the last few years, the industry is slowly but steadily buying into the fact that quality is a collective responsibility. While it is the tester’s neck that’s out in the line for quality issues/missed bugs, today it is welcoming to see everyone step in to understand what role they could have played in avoiding such an issue in the first place. Also the industry as a whole is starting to appreciate not just a reactive analysis but the need for proactive intervention upfront for empowering such collecting ownership.

As an organization that largely focuses on software quality, QA InfoTech, the larger fraternity that we belong to, has been conducting test and dev summits for our engineers both as internal and external events over the last several years. The dev summit for 2017 was recently conducted (on Friday June 30th), with a couple of interesting keynote sessions and five track sessions. One of the keynote sessions is what we would like to discuss more in this post. It was by our Director of Test Automation, highlighting a testing checklist for developers – The checklist was simple yet powerful to ensure quality becomes a norm in an organization’s development process. He spoke about the need for unit testing, cautioned about over-reliance on code coverage as the driving factor for quality, the need to shift right along with left to be able to test in production (as teams may not always have time for exploratory testing), building an idea of behaviours over test (so that one can further leverage the behaviours depending on the person who is using it and finally to ask for help as needed as testers are available and willing to help developers on the go, in addition to their core responsibilities. You may ask why reiterate these known points – these may be known points to some or even many, but the core message is very powerful that it is worth the reiteration. And in our case as an organization that provides both dev and testing services with a larger focus on testing, the message when communicated by the testing group was very well received by all. In subsequent posts we will cover the other topics that were presented too…stay tuned!

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